Simple and Fast Area Assessment with Drones

A platform for emergency teams to map areas with drones in minutes.

Assess the situation in minutes

Often you need real-time information of large areas for situational awareness for example for flood monitoring and search and rescue operations. With SaveSarah you can map large areas using drones in minutes. Due to our parallel processing our maps are ready in 30 minutes, which is especially important in time-critical situations like search and rescue. Besides, a great advantage of drone maps is that they are 20x higher resolution than satellite or planes at a fraction of cost.

Mark important locations

Mark sectors, damaged buildings, clues and important risks on map. Then share the information with other team members instantly.

Measurements in seconds

Measure areas precisely using data gathered with drones. Precise length, area and volume measurements (m2 and m3) can be performed in seconds. Allocate resources better with knowing exact earthworks and distances.

Analyze 10x faster

Looking through hundreds of images is really inefficient and takes too much time. SaveSarah analyzes images taken with drone and mobile devices and tags them on map along with their camera direction. Now finding images at certain locations takes seconds. Use the built-in analytical tools to quickly locate clues or missing persons.

Collaborate with team members

With SaveSarah it is now possible to work with more pilots at the same time. The pilots can fly at the same time, maps can be processed at the same time and all the maps are represented under one operation. This makes it much faster and easier to see all information in a central hub.

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